Private homes furnished with Johor state govt property?

Meanwhile, in Johor, the Auditor-General’s Report 2011 found that state government property had mysteriously found themselves as new furnishing for private homes.

The total of 39 items worth RM55,360 supplied by the Johor Menteri Besar’s Office were intended for the premises of associations and organisations in Muar, Kluang and Ledang.

Other than furnitures and electronic gadgets, the other items include:

BOB-KA-9000 professional digital echo mixing amplifier (RM2000)Air conditioners (RM3,000);

Laptops and desktops (RM1,700 – RM5,000);

Elecreolux range hood: E11-15024 & electrolux uilt-in hub: E-10-42299 (RM4,500);

Kitchen cabinet full high (23’x108′) (RM5,000); and,

Steamer 26″ CNI (RM1,550)

“This is against the issued guidelines and therefore the targeted groups could not benefit from these equipment,” states the report.

– Malaysiakini

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