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RTM’s super expensive scanners and clocks

A4 scanner – RM14,670 each
A3 scanner – RM20,630 each
Clock – RM3,810 each
Building acoustic measuring system – RM597,330

How much can an A4 size scanner cost? Nowadays it is not so difficult to get an estimate. Just do a search online and you can get the ballpark price.

In the Auditor-General’s Report 2012 it is reported that RTM (under the Information, Communications and Culture Ministry) purchased three A4 scanners for RM14,670 each!! And this is despite the fact that RTM itself had estimated a price of only RM200 each. This means an increase of 7,235% from the estimated price!

It also need some bigger A3 scanners too which were estimated to cost RM1,000 each. RTM ended up buying 5 of these scanners at RM20,630 each!

RTM(Source: Auditor General’s Report 2012)

RTM also bought 20 wall clocks. It estimated that each clock would cost RM100 – quite reasonable. But the successful supplier charged RM3,810 each! That is 38 times the estimated price and they happily went ahead to by these clocks at this exorbitant price. Hopefully the clocks are still working. Wonder what brand are these clocks.

A Building Acoustic Measuring System was estimated to cost RM100,000 but in the end RTM ended up purchasing a system more than 5 times the estimate at RM597,330!

RTM scanner(Source: Auditor General’s Report 2012)

What is worse is that some of these expensive items were found not being used even after 3 years! They were purchased in 2009. In 2012 items delivered but not used includes one of the expensive A4 scanners. The reason? They did not know that it was in the store! How about the super clocks? 6 of these were delivered in May 2010 and in 2012 they were still not in use!

Not Used(Source: Auditor General’s Report 2012)